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Autor: FRAME 123

Upozornění: poslední kus skladem!

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The Jul/Aug issue of Frame explores how the notion of the workspace is changing as offices expand their amenities exponentially. NapYork provides micro-rest facilities for NYC professionals, while co-working space Tenoha, Milan offers multiple services.

Designers rethink joints. 3D printing gets closer to home. What does blockchain technology mean for design? Discover new directions in the world of products.

The Challenge: The Future of Retail
In the lead-up to each issue, Frame challenges emerging designers to answer a topical question with a future-forward concept. As more and more purchases happen online, physical shops need to attract clients with extra experiences and services. The power of personal contact remains a drawing card, though: a PWC survey reported that 78 per cent of customers feel that sales associates with a deep knowledge of a product range are themost important reason for visiting a bricks-and-mortar store. How will we shop in the future? We commissioned five makers to share their ideas.

From accordions to architecture with Daniel Libeskind. Studio Drift plays its first solo. Dan Graham reveals his fashion aspirations. Meet the people. Get their perspectives.

The Frame Awards head to Milan. Krause Architects formulates the first 3D-printed store. Selfridges speculates on the future of luxury. Step inside the great indoors.