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Kateřina Vincourova: Arteria

20YY Designers
Kateřina Vincourová
Lee Stalswoth, Michal Ureš, Johana Střížková
Autor: Kateřina Vincourová

Cena: 50,00 Kč

Artery is a blood vessel that distributes blood high in oxygen from the heart to all parts of the body. A major route of life and love. It sounds poetic to name an exhibition after it, suggesting a stream (of physical matter or thoughts), a network of interconnected principles, which is both vital and potent. However, let’s not forget that arteries are also spheres where conflicting and unhealthy contemporary lifestyles are embodied, clogging the flow and leading to disease and deterioration. The human body is a perfect, but nowadays also highly polluted system, just as the larger environment it inhabits. When blood cannot flow smoothly through just a tiny path of the micro- and macrocosmic mesh of living matter, human and interspecies relationships, natural and artificial systems, the lack of oxygen can cause the entire apparatus to collapse. At least for those who need to breathe…